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Contactless Pick up & Drop off Service

Whether you’re booking online or over the phone, scheduling a service with Lanhams Motor Group has never been easier. We have now introduced Complimentary Contactless Pick-up & Drop off service!

This is how it works

1: Book online or give us a call

  • 6964-1111 Griffith or 6953-3600 Leeton
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off service
  • Custom vehicle disinfection process
  • Cashless payment

2: Schedule an appointment

  • Schedule an appointment either by phone or online

3: Vehicle Pick up

  • We’ll pick up your vehicle (within 15km radius of Lanhams) and sanitise all touch points
  • Drop off Service Loan Car, if applicable
  • Disinfect loan vehicle and customer vehicle
  • Drive customer vehicle back to service dept

4: Perform the service using the strictest health & safety measures

  • Dedicated team conducts disinfection
  • Reconfirm payment method and return timing
  • Drop off your Vehicle which again will be thoroughly sanitised

5: Vehicle Drop Off

  • Return customer vehicle
  • Disinfect Service Loan Car and customer vehicle

6: Cashless Payment

  • Touchless electronic payment or via credit card over the phone

ALL WITHOUT ANY CONTACT! We hope this experience gives you added peace of mind when you service with us. We can even arrange a loan vehicle and rest assured they are also hygienically cleaned.

Don’t be tempted to skip your service…. it’s all about prevention and maintenance.

-Maintain warranty of your vehicle
-Avoid serious and expensive repairs later on
-Prolong the life of the vehicle
-Vital lubricants, oils and filters need replacing

At Lanham’s we are doing everything possible to be innovative during these challenging times and implemented these Health & Safety Measures for the wellbeing of all customers, staff and our community:

-Disinfecting of all touch points throughout our showrooms & vehicles
-Regular handwashing
-Supply of hand sanitisers in every showroom and service centre.
-Practising 1.5m social distancing rule at all times
-The requirement for any staff member who has recently returned from overseas to complete a 14 day period of voluntary self-isolation.
-Educating staff on important preventive measures
-Staff completion of ‘COVID 19 Infection Control’ Training

During these challenging times we understand the importance of your motor vehicle and being able to service your vehicle if you need to. We greatly appreciate your business and loyalty to Lanhams Motor Group and are committed to implementing recommendations by the Government for your peace of mind as you visit us now and in the future. The health and safety of our customers and employees will always be our most important consideration.

Vehicle Service

All cars being serviced at Lanhams Motor Group are thoroughly inspected and any recommendations for adjustments are discussed with our customers. That’s why we insist that every technician who works for us goes through a rigorous training program to become knowledgeable about all Ford, Hyundai & Mahindra models.

Whatever you drive, you can rest assured that our technicians are more up to speed on what’s under the bonnet, and have access to the right diagnostic tools.

Please call our friendly team at Griffith on 6964-1111, Leeton 6953-3600 or fill in our online service booking form, and we’ll contact you shortly.

Why I Should Service My Car?

Regular servicing and general vehicle maintenance is integral to reliability, road worthiness and helping ensure your vehicle operates as it is intended. Servicing also allows technicians to identify any potential problems or worn components before they become major safety concerns or turn into costly repairs.

In order to make sure your car runs smoothly and hassle-free between scheduled services, it is important to carry out regular checks of your car’s engine oil level, wiper blade effectiveness, hose condition and tyre pressure.

For all your servicing requirements, visit Lanhams Motor Group.

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